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Test Results for the Black Berkey Water Filters from the Environmental Toxicology Laboratory, LA.

Now, on the heels of the recent virus testing, New Millennium Concepts (the manufacturer of the Berkey systems) is proud to announce the results of 2 new rounds of testing for the Black Berkey Water Filters. Once again, the Black Berkey water filters are setting new standards for gravity fed water filtration and purification systems.

Please visit our Berkey Water Test Results for heavy metals and other inorganics or visit the New Berkey Water Test Results for pesticides, herbicides and other organics.

Testing on our upgraded elements, specifically on heavy metals, not only confirms the tests on prior formulations, where the Black Berkey water filters typically reduce heavy metals by 95% or greater, but adds a whole new set of contaminates to the list. Confirmed reductions include Aluminum, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead and Mercury. New to the heavy metal list are Antimony, Barium, Chromium 6, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Nickel and Vanadium. Other new non-heavy metal entries on the reduction list include Selenium and Thallium. Additional new potential contaminates that show significant reduction of 95% or greater are Nitrites, MBAS (Methylene Blue Active Substances) and Arsenic.

It is interesting to note that in all the testing conducted on the Black Berkey water filters, reduction occurred in excess of the reporting limit for each test. In other words, the reduction levels achieved, in every case, exceeded the testing limitation of the laboratory in which the tests were conducted. What this means is that the reduction levels indicated on the enclosed test results are a minimum that can be achieved; real world results may actually be greater than the percentages listed.

Technically, for both the recent organic and inorganic testing, the Black Berkey water filters could be said to have been tested to "Below Detectable Limits" as in each and every case, the reduction exceeded the "Reporting Limit" of the laboratory as noted by the greater than sign ">" in the % Reduction column of the test data. However, one laboratory's testing limitations may not be the same as another. Again we believe that changing over to specific reduction percentages for each potential contaminate in the future would better serve our customers.

Some have asked why some of the percentages are different than they were in previous tests. Each lab has its own specific capabilities and the test denotes the levels that the lab is able to detect. For example, Barium reduction was listed at >80%. Do the Black Berkey water filters reduce Barium beyond 80%? Yes. How much, well, we may have to commission a different lab to find out. The bottom line is simple though, we know that the elements will reduce Barium to greater than 80%.

Finally, there are still more test results to come, through the remainder of this year and into 2013. The list includes more VOC's, Chloramine and a host of other potential contaminates. We look forward to sharing those results with you once they become available.

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